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Note: this CV is centred around Art related information only.
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Bachelor of Fine Arts Concentration in New Media 2005 University of Ottawa

Artengine Lab, Ottawa 2005 Artengine

Board Memberships
Artengine 2006 - present Artengine
Locus Suspectus 2006 - 2007 Locus Suspectus

First Prize 2005 Suzanne Rivard Le Moyne Award

Employment (Arts related only)
Designer and New Media Producer 2008 - present Project 99
Live Video Performances 2006 - present VCR't
New Media Designer 2006 - present RW NMD
Technical Solutions Design and Setup 2005 Urban Projections
New Media Technical Assitant 2005 Alexandre Castonguay
Bursary Research Position - MATLAB and Matrix Algebra 2004 St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus
Audio Visual Technician and Teaching Assistant 2001 - 2002 University of Ottawa Visual Arts

Volunteer Experience
Web Manager and Designer 2006 - present Locus Suspectus Magazine
Treasurer, Graduating Students Committee of the Visual Arts 2004 - 2005 University of Ottawa Visual Arts
Member of Visual Arts Student Association 2001 - 2002 University of Ottawa Visual Arts
Network Technician for Art and Tech Conference 2002 Ottawa Art Gallery
Web Designer, University of Ottawa Visual Art Gradshow 2002

Curatorial Work
Assistant to Darsha Hewitt 2005 Urban Projections

Works Included in Permanent Collections and Installations
The Scarlet Chapel (aka Mercury Lounge Facade) 2007 Mercury Lounge, Ottawa
Mini Screen Gallery (Mercury Lounge) 2007 Mercury Lounge, Ottawa
Urban Drawing, version 1 (aka UDv1) 2007 New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City,
Rhizome Artbase, New York City

Reviews and Works Included in Publications
Perambulations (Exhibition Catalogue) 2006 University of Ottawa Visual Arts Dept and
Canada Research Chair in Literature
and Cultural Transfers
Culture In Transit: Cultural Mobility in Brazil and Canada (Conference Poster) 2006 University of Ottawa Visual Arts Dept and
Canada Research Chair in Literature
and Cultural Transfers
Locus Suspectus Magazine, Issue 1 2006 Locus Suspectus
Zygote - Fusion of Arts and Youth 2005 Arts Ottawa East
Urban Projections (Exhibiton Catalogue) 2005 Urban Projections
Drawing the Line (Exhibiton Catalogue) 2005

Perambulations: Art of Motion and the Streets of Ottawa-Gatineau 2006 Gallery 115
Urban Projections 2005 Artengine Lab
Salon des refusÚs 2005 Saw Gallery
Drawing the Line 2005 University of Ottawa
Rock Show Analysis Exhibit 2005 Gallery 115

See Also VCR't TV for more performance listings and documentation.
VCRt (Video Concept Art) is an ongoing collaboration between Robert Watson and Shaun Elie.
VCR't works with artists, musicians, dancers, djs, and anyone else who's creative.
Rock and Roll Revival Video Performance at Maverick's 2007 Rock and Roll Revival, Tungda Browne
"Iceberg en spectacle" Video Performance 2007 Iceberg
ARTSPARKS Video Performances 2007 National Gallery of Canada
Public Art Conspiracy 2005 Artengine Lab
Urban Drawing Version 1 2005 Artengine Lab
Rock Show Analysis: Instamatic Sketchatron 2005 Saw Gallery